Trading Services

Trading Services

Our trading services offer member municipalities the ability to purchase a wide variety of products and services from reputable suppliers at discounted prices. We partnered with like-minded municipal organizations to provide access to competitively solicited products and services awarded on behalf of our members. You should not trade unless you understand the true extent of your exposure to the risk of loss.

Fire Extinguisher

  • The fire extinguisher is the basic firefighting equipment for firefighting in case of emergency, depending on the fire class. There are different types of fire extinguishers.

  • Choosing the right type of fire extinguisher is important because a bad choice can be dangerous by promoting the spread of fire.

Safety Personal Protective Equipments

  • We provide fire safety products and services to Manufacturing industries, IT companies, SEZ, public and Huge industrial clients such as retirement homes and refineries, as well as community groups, SMEs, landlords and homeowners.

  • We offer high-quality fire safety equipment at competitive prices.
  • We will find the best solutions for you. Our customers and we guarantee that we will not be beaten on the price, as part of our best price guarantee.

Fire Hydrant Spare Parts

  • Fire extinguisher spare parts are made from as per standard materials; these products are suitable for all types of engineering and mechanical applications.

  • Our products are widely used in commercial and residential facilities to protect machinery and people from the risk of fire.

  • Designed in accordance with the guidelines of the international quality standards, these products are appreciated for their low maintenance, ease of installation and resistance to corrosion.

Chemical Supply

  • Our company is well known in the domestic market for the provision of satisfactory chemical process consulting services. Professionals show indulgent behavior to valuable clients and solve their questions in a practical way.

  • Our experts, accustomed to providing these reliable services, are highly experienced and are the best solution for all valuable consumers in small and large industrial areas.