Liasioning Services

Liasioning Services

Liasioning services include the submission of the application, the processing and obtaining of the insurance/sanction of the loading, the completion of the work and the obtaining of a release order. Our services are personalized and in line with the expectations of our customers. The service we present is delivered by a team of experts with a rich knowledge of the sector. This service is highly appreciated for its timely completion and reliability. In addition, our valued customers can benefit from this service from us at minimal cost.

MFS (Maharashtra Fire Service) & PMRDA (Town Planning & Fire NOC)

  • As a reputable company with many years of experience, the Maharashtra Fire service keeps you up-to-date with current events in the industry.

  • The laws of the firefighting system by MFS are constantly being proposed and modified and their support has created a controversial debate.
  • The firefighting system of the Maharashtra Fire service is a proven product to prevent loss of life and loss of property if properly installed and maintained.
  • The fire department issues a provisional certificate of NOC and a final NOC for fire. This will specify fire prevention and protection requirements based on the classification of buildings, the height of buildings, the risk of exposure, etc.

MPCB (Maharashtra Pollution Control Board)

The consent of the MPCB is issued by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board for the operation of the business. The terms and conditions of consent include the level of pollution, the environmental effort required by the organization to carry out its activities.

  • Consent to Establish.

  • Consent to Operate.

  • Environment Clearance.

  • Environmental Monitoring.

  • Follow-ups and liaison with CPCB / MPC and other statutory authorities.

  • Undertaking legislative compliance audit.

  • Assist in procurement of statutory environmental clearance from MoES.

DISH (Director of Industrial Safety & Health)

  • Plan Layout, Factory License, Factory Layout.

  • Safety Audit.

  • Risk Management services-OEP, JSA, HIRA, Hazop.
  • Training & development.
  • Business management services: ISO-9001:2015 , EMS 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 implementation, ISO-9001:2015 awareness program & training of one day.


Industrial development is necessary for higher standard of living of people. The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) is a department of the state government of Maharashtra, India, which aims to launch and develop the business sector and realize the industrial development of Maharashtra. Offering water supply services, environment management services and hazardous waste management services. It is also necessary to make plan for effort required for industrial infrastructure development in the state of Maharashtra.