Environmental services

Environmental Treatment services

We are one stop solution for : water and wastewater treatment, air pollution equipment, ETP / STP and WTP spares. Depending on the client's requirements, we participate in the delivery of the environmental management service. These services are performed by our environmental experts who consult on environmental conservation and sustainable development. Our professionals assist our customers in the treatment of hazardous waste, nuclear waste, electronic waste, rainwater harvesting and water balancing with the operation and maintenance of ETP/STP/RO.

STP (Sewage Treatment Plant)

  • Designing ,Construction / Supply, Erection and commissioning of STP/ETP/WTP on turnkey basis.

  • Operation and Maintenance of STP/ETP/RO basis with experienced man power.

  • Given the environmental challenges posed by centralized STPs and existing legislative guidelines, decentralized wastewater treatment plants are becoming more practical and popular.
  • In line with this consideration, we have autonomously developed the packaged STP that meets the individual requirements. We offer our customers these products according to different specifications, distributed throughout the country.
  • As a quality-oriented organization, we test these installations against different quality parameters in order to erase all types of defects.

ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant)

  • The ETP Plant Services we offer are used to remove unwanted and harmful chemicals from wastewater.

  • Rigorous quality policies are applied when manufacturing our ETP plants. We have a well-established track record and our services have always been very satisfying to our customers.

  • We offer excellent service at a very competitive price and we have never compromised the quality of our service.

RO (Reverse Osmosis Plant)

  • Our products have applications in various IT, Manufacturing industries, as well as in power plants and manufacturing units.

  • Being a quality focused name, we never compromise the quality of these products.

WTP (Water Treatment Plant)

  • In order to meet the expectations of our valued customers, we are engaged in the manufacture of a superior water treatment plant. This facility is suitable for the treatment of wastewater discharged by industries and factories.
  • Our proposed plant effectively filters biological contaminants and insoluble pollutants from water and makes them useful for other purposes.

  • We offer this water treatment plant to our customers in different specifications according to their needs.

ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)

  • Water scarcity / water stress growing world-wide along with still negligible rate of wastewater recycling.

  • Growing social responsibility and education towards awareness of environmental issues.

  • Zero-fluid discharge (ZLD) Technologies that dispose of fluid waste release and recuperate water for reuse leaving
  • zero release toward the finish of the treatment cycle. ZLD is a water treatment process in which all wastewater is cleaned and reused; in this manner.

  • ZLD is a propelled wastewater treatment technique that incorporates ultrafiltration, turn around assimilation, dissipation/crystallization, and fragmentary electro deionization.

Environmental Monitoring

Lab and research development services

Environmental Monitoring and Analyst.

  • Ambient Air
  • Stack
  • Soil
  • Noise
  • Water & Solid waste
  • Workplace / personal monitoring