About Us

Shree Samarth Services

We are leading ISO - 9001:2015 certified integrated consulting, engineering company. By leveraging the innovative product engineering framework and adopting a customer-centric approach with varied technical and manufacturing capabilities, Shree Samarth provides Fire Fighting Equipment, promising outstanding performance edge.

  • We are able to manufacture and install our range with the support of our professionals. They have extensive experience in their respective areas of work, which helps us design and install a variety of fire and safety Services.
  • Our team works tirelessly to ensure that the highest quality products are delivered to our valued customers. Because of their rigorous efforts, our fire hydrant system, fire extinguisher, etc are known for their many attributes such as ductile iron body, shock resistance, impressive working pressure, and so on.
  • We work under the direction of skilled experts who has extensive experience in the field of economical and efficient environmental and fire fighting services. And we believe that our customers continue to create new customers and we guarantee a reliable product, quality, competitive price and fast delivery.


Our work ethics

  • The company is based on high values such as integrity, transparency, respect and the highest quality.
  • Shree Samarth Services have been working in the fire safety industry as equipment suppliers since 2012.
  • We have grown over the years, ranging from commercialization to many Turnkey projects of STP / ETP/ RO total waste water solution We now manage entire projects and integrate complete turnkey fire safety systems.
  • We provide fully tested, certified and certified Personal Protective equipment for industries and Buildings.
  • We ensure the sale, maintenance and training of fire extinguishers. Our experienced in pharmaceutical process engineering solutions, safety audit, fire audit and we are Maharashtra Fire Services Licensed Agency.
  • We are committed to operating in a manner that ensures to reduce the effect of global warming. We always work to protect our mother nature. Our products are environment-friendly and safe to use. We are working for(Humanity) welfare. Our main aim is to protect our nature first while making sure the safety of all the people.


Our mission is to achieve the ultimate in perfection by adapting our technology and expertise in our relevant field to provide maximum customer satisfaction. We want to ensure optimal use of existing assets to generate maximum resources, renovation, growth and expansion. “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” and we have proved this.



Shree Samarth services understand that technology brings no commercial value. It starts with people, experts working together to get to the heart of your individual business goals and develop the most adaptable solutions to meet those demands. We believe that this human-based technology is what makes the difference for our company.

We Are ISO Certified

A Class License Holder



Why Choose

Shree Samarth Services

  • Assured quality: Never compromising the quality of our products and services.
  • We undertake operation and maintenance of ETP/STP/RO/DM/ softener by experienced operators.
  • Skill operators save your operational cost by A) Optimum chemical consumption. B) Proper preventive maintenance to avoid major break down.
  • ISI marked products.
  • Made using best grade raw materials.
  • Experienced and skill team.
  • Timely delivery.